Saturday, March 19, 2011

More On Nuclear Power Plants

I was reading more about nuclear power plants in general and The Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant in particular. Since this would be the one that could cause me to have to evacuate if something goes wrong.

There was mention in that article that The Chesapeake Bay acts as a heat sink for the power plant. So, this might be why Fukushima was built near the ocean and why so many of these types of plants are built near water.

I am 100% Pro - Nuclear Power. I think we should be building more of these power plants but I think only having one backup pump for the cooling system is almost ludicrous. The same goes for generators that would be so critical to run the pumps to begin with.

I also don't believe much of anything that Constellation Energy or Baltimore Gas and Electric have to say about anything.

As far as I'm concerned, electric power and natural gas in this country should be nationalized and take the profit out of all of it. Is that a "great" idea? No, it's not, but it sure beats being held hostage out of the mad profit monsters in this game. Ditto for all of the speculators in oil causing prices to climb.

Sorry, I'm not much of a "conservative" anymore on a lot of issues. But it's pretty hard to take the hits I have taken while watching companies that have been doing the hitting continue to pay their executives all of these high salaries and bonuses while lobbying local government for more corporate welfare and to allow them to screw consumers.

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