Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kelly McCann's "Combative Pistol"

I am not even going to address the handgun fighting aspects of this video. Kelly McCann's background, who he is and what he created in The United States Marine Corps is enough of an accomplishment.

What this video is, beyond the handgun material presented, is a look into prison and street knife attacks. McCann and The Late, Great Bob Kasper boiled down some of the most nasty knife attacks and then Kelly McCann created a close-quarter handgun system based on that.

In the video, he demonstrates the use of the knife to show the crossover to the handgun.

That is very, very valuable to anyone wanting to learn how to defend against edged weapons or how to use a knife under the most dire circumstances. This video is a perfect compliment to the aforementioned videos and I highly suggest you purchase it and study it.


Blackthorn D. Stick said...

The first ten minutes of this DVD alone are worth the price of admission.

Of course, being the cheap fuck that I am, I waited several years until it turned up on eBay for $24 until i bought it.

As most of my fiends will tell anybody who's interested, my motto is "Only Suckers pay Wholesale".

Don Rearic said...

The MSRP on most things is fairly outrageous when it comes to training videos. But you not wanting to pay wholesale!?!?! Scandalous! 8-)

Blackthorn D. Stick said...

Having had the time to review the DVD a little while ago, allow me to amend my first post. The good part starts at the 19:30 mark, and ends at the 24:30 mark.

5 minutes. And still worth the price I paid for the video.