Monday, March 7, 2011

The Membership Drive For "Followers" Continues...

If you find this blog to be valuable in your preparations or if you simply enjoy reading it, please choose to "follow" it.

I search for new twists and information on survival related topics and I see a whole lot about buying gold, silver and seeds. I see a whole lot of "inside" information on Wall Street games and other things that have to do with investments and other things and how that relates to the current mess we are in and what might happen in the future.

Are you really out there buying K-Rands and bags of old silver coins? Really? Is that type of information which is so readily available nowadays really that valuable to warrant such a vast audience?

But then I see the BIC lighters and the common stuff that everyone already knows about and because Joe Smuckatelli thinks he has it figured out, he then shares that information with the world. 8-)

If 75% of the people who read this blog would officially "follow" it, we could make this a powerhouse together.

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