Friday, March 18, 2011

Japan: Seven Days Later...

Well, it's been a week.

Read this: "He said officials should have admitted earlier how serious the radiation leaks were.", it's a very in-depth page. Interesting admissions, interesting pictures...

I knew they were lying about it. Governments lie over things they don't even have to lie about, over trivial matters. So, when something really bad happens, it's not a great leap of pessimism to expect them to lie about that, too.

Just a word about pessimism. The pessimist is basically looked down on. Our country, our society, as well as others, is based on a constant level of positivity. Big used yacht salesmen smiles, sunshine and puppydogs. Not a rainy day or a three-legged, one-eyed dog in sight. We can't even refer to as a used car as a used car anymore! We're so entirely full of shit - they're referring to used cars as "pre-owned cars." Yeah, no shit, Sherlock, ya think? What did the prior owner do with it? He drove it, didn't he? Sort of makes it a used car since the prior owner used it. But used car sounds so low-rent, so negative, so pessimistic, doesn't it?

Pessimism, to me, is simply expecting the worst and preparing for the worst while hoping for the best. That's it. When something goes wrong, I already figured it would so it's less of a pain in the ass or a shock to the system in any event. But if it doesn't go wrong and everything is OK, great! That's a win I didn't expect.

I didn't sit here for a week and believe all of the used yacht salesmen with the reassuring statements.

Like I wrote days ago, the moment they said it would not be a Chernobyl level event, that is precisely what I figured it would be. A little less or much more, same ballpark. It's not going to be "Chernobyl" because these disasters are very unique.

And this is not some concealed liberal versus conservative or republican versus democrat statement, either. They all lie. Apparently it's their job because it's all they're really good at if you look at the performance of governments over the years.

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