Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just a thought on the continuing Beavis & Butthead Moron-A-Thon that is the world...

"Some scientists say that the major building block of the universe is hydrogen because it's the most plentiful element. But my theory is the universe is made out of stupidity because it is more plentiful than hydrogen. And since it's more plentiful, then why shouldn't we talk about it?" - Frank Zappa

Thursday, May 12, 2011

More Zero Tolerance From The People More Intelligent Than We Are...

Arrested for a Leatherman Tool, a penknife and a cigarette lighter. the people that are supposed to be educating our kids, a cigarette lighter is an "explosive device."

Zero Tolerance = Zero Intelligence

Have to protect the children! Give them criminal records before they even graduate over three tools in their equipment bags to fix Lacrosse Sticks.

I think that we should call in the profilers, anyone that is not an absolute SLAVE should be considered a risk and incarcerated for life. That's what they want. Anyone that is not an absolute SLAVE and will serve as a BITCH to authority is definitely a threat to society.

What a joke we have become.