Monday, February 7, 2011

The Urban Exploration "Controversy," again...

The real "controversy" is...there is nothing "controversial" about it! People read way too much into some things.

Don't go "draining" (exploring storm drains) because you can get injured or killed in them, OK?

Don't go trespassing to explore old nuthouses and factories because, you can get injured or killed or arrested for doing so, OK?

What originally interested me, when I was much younger and a lot more stupid, was the line of thought of using storm drains as a shelter. An idea I got out of a book.

So, my post below about the Undercity Website stirred up a couple of comments which I have deleted.

I'm not encouraging you to become involved in Urban Exploration anymore than I am encouraging you to be homeless and live in your vehicle or encouraging you to break your arm so you can see what type of emergency firestarter will really work for you. What I am encouraging you to do is read about it and learn from it. Nothing more, nothing less. Some people think that simply by squashing information that certain things are just going to go away. The world doesn't work that way.


Tom said...

Tell it like it is Don!

Some people are just... from a different planet. More power to you.

Don Rearic said...

Yeah, apparently the Planet Crackpot. 8-)

Tom said...

And more of them are coming... they seem to like it here! Strange considering how many things on planet Earth seem to turn them into quivering terrified jello.

Don Rearic said...


For years I have heard and read about people's fears. Mostly when it comes to guns and gun owners. I have actually heard people talk about being scared of their neighbors because they have a NRA decal on their vehicle and other things like that.

So, when you talk about self-defense to them, they fear nothing. They don't feel the need to own a gun, let alone carry one, which is fine with me because I'm really pro-choice on the issue. Just don't tell me what I should or should not own, etc.

But when it comes to gun owners, they are scared to death of them. They don't care about the criminals that prey on people but they are terrified of gun owners.

Now, you see the same thing happening with knives. Look down to the entry/post below "ON EDC." People say and do the most stupid things when it comes to knives. They ask you if you can cut something or ask you outright if you have a knife and then when you produce one in a non-flashy way and cut something for them or hand it to them so they can cut something, then you have to get the third degree on why you are carrying a "weapon" or a "sword" or some other nonsense.

These people, one way or another, if we would have been like this during the middle 1700s, we would not have a country.

People have been accustomed to a very, very easy life for far too long. These people would not have made it through something as "recent" as The Great Depression.

Tom said...

Well depending who you speak to/what you believe we're headin for another...? We'll see...

With regards to your story about people asking for a knife and then responding in that way, I've had similar experiences to you. I normally just respond with the question "what did we just use if for?"

I don't know why it surprises me -I had people laugh at me in the past for having a pen in a bar!?