Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Consumer Price Index...

You can read about it by going to this link.

It's incredibly interesting. Everyone that goes grocery shopping on a weekly basis and actually cashes a PAYCHECK from an EMPLOYER knew three years ago that we were in a recession. Only through constant manipulation of numbers and lying, lying by omission and redefining words could they could arrive at the conclusion that we were not in a recession.

They do the same thing with unemployment numbers.

They do the same thing with "inflation."

And many of us have been suffering under "stagflation" for quite some time now. It's not likely to get better in the short term...and I don't think the long term prospects look too good, either.

Anyway, read the article. Have a nice night.


Some Guy said...

Now that inflation is accelerating, it's becoming more and more obvious the "fixes" that were put in place to slow inflation will just make the crash that much worse.

"Hilarious" coincidence - word verification for this comment is "ramineat."

Don Rearic said...

I had a word verification when I was on Facebook that was "warfare serious." 8-)

As far as how everything has been manipulated, if you can see through everything and you actually describe what you see, you come off sounding like a paranoid wackaloon. That's a real part of the problem. When the spoken truth, or typed in this case, is basically considered mental illness by people that already know what the deal is, it's just simple demonization.

Wall Street gets nervous at everything and even though everyone knows and the lies are old, no one really cares.