Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Internet "Kill Switch"

Well, I could read even more about it and then regurgitate it back to you with my own spin but I have far better things to do with my time. The important thing for you to know and keep in your mind is the fact that the control freaks are absolutely terrified of "The People."

All you have to do is Google for "Internet Kill Switch" and you will find a lot of information to read.

The Internet is obviously hindering the plans of the authoritarians. It is a thorn in their side.


Anonymous said...

Wow - that is crazy stuff. I'd not read anything about that prior to seeing it here, but just as you said doing a quick Google search reveals a mess of info on the topic. That's a scary prospect, for sure.

Don Rearic said...


At your fingertips, the keyboard of your desktop or laptop PC or your Ipod, Ipad or Iphone or other wireless phone in some cases, you have this incredibly powerful tool at your disposal. There is excellent information and terrible information. That goes for both content and intent.

ANYONE, regardless of political party or political philosophy, that wants to turn this tool off doesn't have your best interests at heart.

As is often the case, "National Security" or some other excuse for the capability to turn it off will be given.

Why would anyone desire that kind of power if (1) they were not going to use it at some point in time, or (2) they were benevolent?

Like people who are vehemently opposed to gun ownership and other things like self-defense, time and time again their own actions have proven them to be untrustworthy.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely. Even aside the "keep people in the dark" sort of censorship this power creates, an even scarier notion was mentioned in one of the articles I found while Googling this topic.

Anyone with the power to push a button and cause the entirety of the internet to cease/pause will likely also have the power to EDIT while this process is paused. Much like halting a movie viewing allows you to insert/edit/delete scenes, then press "play" again and expect the viewer to seamlessly keep watching. The idea of that happening on the internet is so 1984 it's not even funny.

Don Rearic said...

Orwell's "Memory Hole" from 1984.