Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Global Superstorms," huh?

I was reading James Keating's MAAJAK WORLD and found one article linking to this, the original article.

Well, doesn't look like it has much to do with factories and the internal combustion engine and the disguised tax schemes of "Global Warming," so I guess politicians won't really be interested in it very much. That is until they can find a way to fleece us some more because of this.

Look on the bright side though, perhaps the compass won't be such a vital piece of gear in the future.

Magnetic Polar Shifts Causing Massive Global Superstorms.


Todd said...

Sorry, man. The "global superstorms from magnetic pole reversal" is a special category of mistake called "Not Even Wrong". Just another attempt by the oil companies and their servants (and useful idiots) among the right wingnuts to try and throw FUD on the science.

The magnetic poles of the Earth ARE NOT suddenly reversing. If they were, they wouldn't cause enormous storms. This winter isn't exceptionally cold and snowy by the standards of the last 200 years. Eight of the last ten years HAVE been the hottest on record. Three continents had their hottest year in recorded history in 2010.

And the theory of anthropogenic global warming is not only robust, well established and validated by the evidence. It is also predictive. And there isn't anything out there that even touches it. The "controversy" and "opposition" aren't from climatologists, geophysicists, atmospheric scientists or meteorologists. They are entirely from paid shills of the fossil fuel barons.

Even Bjorn Lomborg, Stu Ostro, Michael Hanlon and Michael Shermer have backpedaled, backfilled and recanted.

Don Rearic said...


There is nothing to be "sorry" about at all. It wasn't placed up there as "Gospel," anyway. It's something to think about, you have different beliefs than I do, which should be quite evident. That is not to say that I "believe" this above and beyond anything else.

There is a rather troubling thing going on today and that is the fact that if someone hacks the E-mail of a "right-winger" like Sarah Palin, all of what is disclosed IS "Gospel" and when "Climategate" is created by E-mail hack, well, we're just supposed to ignore that. They were "joking" or they were "misunderstood" or their comments are being taken out of "context." It's always the same steaming, stinking pile of horseshit going on.

"Science" has taken the place of religion, and they have their own celebrities and high priests just as churches do. For years I have watched people condemn religion and promote the idea that scientists are always telling the truth and that they have no ulterior motives whatsoever, totally altruistic, you see. It's horseshit.

Every one has an angle and none of them have our best interests at heart. I don't really disagree with what you have to say except for the anthropogenic angle and your faith in science and scientists. But, for the sake of argument, let's say you are right and "Global Warming" is real and it's not a regular part of the Earth's life cycle and it's anthropogenic in nature...

What do we do about it? Electric cars? Where is the electricity going to come from? Where are we going to plug in all of these cars that are not being manufactured? How will the common working person afford such a vehicle and how will they afford the increased cost of electricity and the rent to go with the installation of such a massive power system? Add to that the fact that our power grid is only slightly less weak, prone to failure and antiquated than our Air Traffic Control System.

How do we solve this problem? How are taxes, basically just on The United States, going to accomplish this when we cannot even trust our leaders with the ponzi/pyramid scheme of Social Security?

Don Rearic said...

Let me clarify something, the comment about increased "rent." My Landlord, and very, very few others, and the power companies are not going to install these power cables and heavy-duty, high-voltage and weather-resistant outlets in apartment complexes for free. The cost will be passed on to the end user, as it always is, in the form of not only higher rent but in higher electric bills as well. How is the regular working person supposed to cope with this on top of everything else that is being heaped on them now?

Ken Cook said...

This is why I'm really not interested in blogging anymore Don. You can't post anything without some Internet retard like Todd E coming in and trying to make a holy crusade out of it. It's just not worth the effort trying to reason with unreasoning asses.