Thursday, September 8, 2011

"The Remnants of Tropical Storm Lee" a/k/a Agnes Redux

While I was watching Hurricane Katia, I never really considered that Lee would be a repeat of a legend - Hurricane Agnes. Throughout all of my childhood, storms were judged by the destruction of "Hurricane Agnes" or simply, "Agnes." My mother and father were always telling me stories about how Mr. Such and Such was going to buy groceries in his flat bottom boat. How my Dad drove a Mack dump truck with water up to the running boards through the flood waters.

Every summer we went to a small, privately owned campground on a creek off of the Susquehanna River. I can't quite recall how far below the Conowingo Dam it was, but it was a ways. I almost got killed on more than one occasion, due to my own stupidity, on that portion of the river.

So, tonight, thirty-nine years and a few months later, what is being referred to as, "The Remnants of Tropical Storm/Depression Lee" is threatening to repeat the devastation of "Agnes." Please take the time to read the links on Hurricane Agnes and The Conowingo Dam in this entry. They are simply fascinating.

The area is saturated, before the arrival of "Lee," we were pretty well soaked. If you read the history of Agnes, you will see that this is basically a repeat of the event so far. The only thing left is for everything to max-out and then to observe the aftermath of it all. Who knows what is going to happen tonight or over the next 100 hours or so.

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