Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hurricane Kat(r)i(n)a as of September 2, 2011 @ 11:00 P.M. EST

"Katia?" Seriously? You can't make this kind of stuff up. Good grief.

Hurricane, dropped down to a Tropical Storm, now she is a Hurricane again.

The dreadful phrase, "...poses no threat to the United States..." has been used.

Some of you might not remember this and I'm sure that some will say it's misogynistic or something, but hurricanes, for years, only had female names. Why? Well, because they were unpredictable, that's why!

So, at a straight shot, looks like the border between North and South Carolina but who knows if she will continue to be a storm at all or where she will go? She could continue to strengthen and take the same path as Hurricane Irene.

In Maryland? As of 3:00 P.M. Friday afternoon, 28,000 homes were still without electric, six days after Irene passed.


Anthony said...

Here in RI the storm hit last Sunday, and people are still out in the thousands today almost a week later. I lost my electricity for about 24 hours (Sunday night to Monday night).

I won't go into how the elec company here is a monopoly and the things they have done wrong leading up to the storm and in the aftermath, but needless to say, after about 24 hours, people were pretty heated...some with well pumps had no running water. Day three it got now people are calling for hearings. A caller to a talk radio show linked the communist muslims in the UK to our lack of power in Rhode Island, I shit you not, people are going crazy. I think it's only some outlying areas that are still out and should be back by Monday.

This Katia storm might tear up everything National Grid has put up and start it all over again. Or maybe Irene snapped most of the poles and trees that would snap and acted as a "primer" for a larger storm.

Many people don't realize how lucky we happened in August...not under 3' of snow in February. No AC and some rancid meat is one heat and slow moving crews due to ice and snow is a totally other scenario.

I did get to crack open my Maratac energency candle, it worked great!

Don said...


Just a few short years ago, Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) / Constellation Energy Group went down to Annapolis, Maryland, the State Capital, and they told a story of woe. How their employees, including the executives, had to go on food stamps to make ends meet because the energy users of this state were screwing them so hard via the Public Service Commission.

They were able to DOUBLE the rate in a year and then had trickle-up increase as well.

Now businesses like grocery stores and stuff, they just raised the cost of food to meet the higher electric and natural gas bills so the consumer really took it straight in the hole. They not only had to pay their own astronomical increase but that of business as well.

Of course, I am joking about the part where they were on welfare, but that's the way the sonsabitches act when they go with their hat in their hand to ask for such a radical increase. Times are tight, why didn't they take a pay cut for once? The upper echelon of BGE has always been well taken care of in the paycheck department. The Linemen and Engineers, the backbone of any power company, they were always paid well. They were just greedy bastards and now the service they provide is shittier and more rude than it ever was.

Shoot me an E-mail with a direct link to the Maratac Candle. I tend to not visit CountyComm that often because for some reason their website locks my computer up but if I have a direct link to a page, it doesn't.