Sunday, April 11, 2010

Huevos Rancheros Uno

My El Cheapo-Norte Americano Huevos Rancheros

However many eggs you wish to cook and however you wish to cook them. I prefer scrambled.

One (1) can of Mild, Original or Extra Hot - RO-TEL.

Three (3) cans of Del Monte sliced (pre cooked) potatoes or Hanover (whole, small) New Potatoes.

One (1) Chorizo per person.

Find a can opener or you will thtarve!

You desperately need a can opener to open the RO-TEL and canned potatoes.

If you don't have the can opener, you will thtarve...errah, you'll starve.

Or you will have to pound the can on the ground or perhaps use an axe or hatchet to open the can.

It's easier to use a P-38 Can Opener or a Camillus "Demo" Knife or Cub/Boy/Girl Scout (Camillus) Knife.

Or, you could make a deal with the mouse, see if that works. It usually doesn't work and results in being electrocuted when you stick your hand in the wall through the mousehole or all of your hair being blasted off of you when you try to blow the mouse up. If you are a duck, you will usually have your bill spun around or have to pick it up.

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