Friday, March 12, 2010

SpecOps Brand T.H.E. Pack

"T.H.E." stands for, "Tactical Holds Everything."

Well now, it might not hold "everything" but it sure does hold A LOT and it's an excellent pack. Discussing it casually with Kenneth yesterday, he remarked that having a waistbelt was good but the fact that it was not padded was not so good. Maybe so, maybe so. Since I am rather used to the torture of using packs without such niceties as chest straps and belts of any kind, perhaps I am more lenient of the lack of padding on the belt.

More posts coming later today.

The Grundig Radio is for scale.

Excellent pack, quite comfortable to me and holds essential gear and maybe a good bit more if you put some MOLLE pouches on it as I intend to do.

I like Olive Drab (O.D.) Green. If you need it camouflaged, all you have to do is roll it around in the dirt for a couple of minutes and it's camouflaged.


Anthony said...

Do you prefer zippered packs over top loading packs, or don't care either way? I found my Maxpedition Falcon II tool micromanaging to the extreme and had little to no space for rolled up clothes and other oddlly shaped "stuff". I recently got a used MOLLE Becker Patrol pack and found having a big "bag" area more my style. For organization I added two SAW pouches to either side and a medium sized pouch on the front.

Don Rearic said...


I used a Medium ALICE Pack for years. I bought one a little over a year ago and modded it with Fastex Buckles instead of the crazy web stuff that is on the closure straps, etc.

The SpecOps Brand (T.H.E. PACK) doesn't micromanage like the Maxpedition stuff does. It has three main zippered compartments but doesn't have all of the pen pockets and other stuff that Maxy do.

As long as the pack doesn't get too carried away in telling me how it is going to carry gear, it doesn't matter to me. I have some Tactical Tailor and Maxy stuff I have to hook up on this SpecOps Pack and I will update and take more pics then, when I do that.