Friday, March 12, 2010

Eureka! USMC Combat Tent

Pretty good tent! It's a bit larger than it might appear in these pictures. Speaking of the pictures, they were taken with my Motorola Razor cell phone so that's why they are not so good.

It's great for three people, especially in the cold! The material held the body heat very, very well. It got down to 42 degrees early one morning and it was quite warm.

The rain fly is off of it in these pictures.

The concrete fire ring is BLAH...I don't particularly like established campgrounds that you have to pay for, etc. But that's what I have to do around here to go camping locally. That's why I also gather discarded lumber at work, I'll burn anything I can find...within reason...and except to cook over.

That was a lovely weekender in Oktober. I wish I had the money to do it a couple weekends out of every month or had a place to go camp locally that didn't cost nothing...or cost less than $60.00 a day for a tent spot.


ministercreek said...

I recently purchased this same tent. Mine to is a Eureka made model.

I am currently using mine here at Lake Farm Campground. I posted the videos on youtube. My username is ministercreek.

Don Rearic said...

Hiya M.C.,


What do you like best about the tent and what do you like least?

Good hearing from you!