Sunday, December 5, 2010

New York Times Article on "Knife Rights."

The article is titled, "Pushing a Right to Bear Arms, the Sharp Kind."

As with firearms, knives have no friends in the major media. This is a pretty tame piece considering it is The New York Times.

Doug Ritter of Knife Rights Dot Org sent this out in E-mail today.

You can find the article here.

Doug Ritter needs all of the help he can get. It's a noble cause, trying to keep The United States from morphing into The United Kingdom. Some "Americans" seem to be breaking their backs to change this country into the very country we ran from over two centuries ago. I wish all of the "Americans" that want our country to be like other countries would simply move to the countries they so admire. Then we could get on with the business of being Americans instead of a bunch of wishy-washy milksops that a good number of people here apparently want to be. Terrified of their own shadow, fearful of everything except that which they should really be scared of.

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