Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The (Verizon) Casio G'zOne "ROCK."

The (Verizon) Casio G'zOne "ROCK."

The features I happen to like:

Mil-Spec on shock and vibration resistance, water and dust resistance, immersion in water, exposure to salt fog and extremes of altitude, high and low temperatures and solar radiation.

Bluetooth compatible
Music/MP3 Player
Removable Memory / Micro SD Card
Speakerphone w/ dedicated speakerphone key
Mil-Spec requirements for exposure to the elements and abuse
Emergency Flashlight
Earth Compass
Walking (Pace) Counter
Sunrise and Sunset
Astro Calendar
Speech recognition w/dedicated voice dial key & Voice commands
Alarm clock
stop watch
Phonebook / 500 entries with multiple contacts
Battery and Data/Charging Port Covers have gaskets!

The Casio ROCK is a clamshell/flip phone that also has Push To Talk (PTT) capability...which I have absolutely no desire to have!

Interesting though, Casio is a cool company and they did something really neat with that PTT button if you do not have the PTT service on the phone. Most companies would just have that button there, doing nothing. Casio did it right, you can assign that red PTT button as a hot key to some other feature on the phone of your choice. This is wonderful as I have the MP3 Player on tap via this red hot key so the Black Sabbath is only a touch away.

Being a clamshell/flip phone/communicator, this one has a neat switchblade feature. There is a coil spring in the internal area of the hinge and when you push a silver button on the side of the hinge, VOILA! it opens right up for you!

It can also be opened manually in typical drone mode.

Another hot key on the bottom of the phone is for all of the Casio G'zOne G'zGear features such as the Earth Compass and Thermometer, etc.

I am quite pleased with it so far. It is my first departure from Motorola. My first phone was a Motorola E815 and then after two years I "upgraded" to a Motorola Razor...some would say that was a step down...even though I have stepped away from the Razor, I still cannot decide if I ever really liked that phone.

This Casio Rock Thing? Yes...it is to be enjoyed...so far.

The MP3 Player, playing it with the speakerphone on is actually a cool little device!


Ken Cook said...

I've wanted one of these things since the first time you sent me a link to them and seeing yours does not make me want one less. C'MON NEW EVERY TWO!

Btw, can you get a GPS app for it?

Don Rearic said...

I believe you can, yes.

Tom said...

I hope this gets a release in Europe, my phones on the way out and I'm not overly fussed by the other 'android' phones...

Great to have finally found your blog Don! It was one of MAAJAK's links -I've been a fan of your website for a good couple'o years now and used to peek at The Reclusionaire every now and then too.

Have you seen the latest Spyderco/Perrin folder? Be interested to know your thoughts!

All the best!

Don Rearic said...


I have seen them but have not held one yet! If it is from Fred and Sal Glesser of Spyderco, it's probably going to be a great thing!