Monday, June 28, 2010

Survival Kit Contents from Salvaged Aircraft

A friend of mine works for an aircraft salvage company. He was kind enough to send me a few items that were still in good condition in an otherwise ruined survival kit from an aeroplane.

The compass is an all-but-exact copy of a Brunton Trailbuster compass.

The whistle is very flat and suitably annoying to be acceptable as a survival whistle.

The snare wire is quite stiff. It's as stiff as steel but appears to be anodized aluminum...

The pencil is...well, it's a pencil!

A small instruction sheet for the compass and a decent little pamphlet of survival instructions and "mirror" inserts in the center of the book that appear to be Mylar, used as an improvised signal mirror.

The cord on the whistle appears to be quite tough and could serve other purposes.

The pocketknife is quite a find! It's basically a small version of the classic "Hobo" Knife. Folding Hobo Knives are generally quite large, this one is a great little pocketknife made by Colonial.

Knife blade, can opener, fork and spoon, great little knife! Not quite the quality of Victorinox...


Terry said...

Does the knife come apart so you can use the knife and fork together?

Don Rearic said...

No, it's just like the Hobo Knives of Yesteryear. Although some of them might have come apart like the Kabar Hobo Knife Thing.