Friday, June 14, 2013

Updating and Remodeling...

I have been writing new articles, finding old ones and, in general, remodeling my website - .

I have decided to go onward and to stop putting it off and bring the website back to what it used to be.

For a long time, none of this was fun anymore. Forums were not fun because I let people get on my nerves. When I participate on forums, that is generally what happens. Same with social media of other types. I originally thought I might be able to do more with a blog like this than my website. That was a mistake. Blogs are rather clunky.

Anyway, some new material has been published on the website, the look on all of the subject pages of it are different and, I think, better. More content is coming soon.


Blackthorn D. Stick said...

Hey Don,

Good to see you coming back. Just a quick suggestion in case you're thinking if deleting either of your blogs. You have several really good posts here and at the Reclus. blog that would be really good fits at youir main website. The post you did about the 'Cheapskates Survival kit' with terry Trahans boker knife comes immediately to mind.

I've kind of gotten burne out on several areas of the internet as well. I only particpate at one forum (I'm an Admin so it helps) and keep a low profile while gathering intel at a couple of others. I also bailed on FB and just flat out deleted my account.
It's amazing how difficult FB tries to make that. Truth is my Blog is my main focus these days.
Anyway, looking forward to some new or new/old stuff at the site

Martialis said...

Always a pleasure to read any content you put out Don. Do whatever format that makes you happy.