Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Fox News Fux Up...

The murder of Park Ranger Margaret Anderson, which is just the most senseless type of tragedy that any family can endure, was committed by someone who was either mentally ill or just violent, angry and stupid. It doesn't matter now, he apparently died of exposure which leads us to the main point - Fox news - the media - are stupid. They regurgitate anything they are told or what they simply dream up. After the murder of Park Ranger Anderson was reported, Fox actually reported that the person, who shall remain nameless as I hope everyone forgets his name forever and remembers Ranger Anderson, had "survivalist skills." Apparently he was ill-equipped for the season and weather and didn't quite possess the skills as reported.

This is the kind of nasty, yellow journalism, and that's exactly what the reporting on this issue was, yellow journalism, that I have observed all of my life from ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN. So, congratulations, Fox, you finally joined the ranks of the rest of the sensationalist news pimps.

Rest Easy, Mrs. Anderson.

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