Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Three Little Petzls

You want to talk about excellent gear? Let me tell you about it! This weekend is all about excellent gear.

The Petzl headlamp with the blue headstrap is a Tikkina2 and belongs to my Son. It has two power settings and a click-adjustable tilting head to adjust the angle of the beam.

The headlamp all the way to the right is my Tikka Plus2 which has high and low modes with white light and a strobe mode with white light. It also has one power level on red light and strobe red light. This is my first Petzl and my favorite so far. It also has the click-adjustable tilting head and the comfortable head strap which is very secure.

Lastly, the headlamp in the middle. A Zipka2.

The Zipka2 is quite a bit different. It has a retractable cord on each side that terminates in a plastic oval that is placed on the rear of your head. The spring and spiral retracting mechanism is built into that plastic oval housing, which is flat and more comfortable than I thought it would be when examining it at the store where I purchased it.

It does not have the click-adjustable tilting head of the other two models and has low power, high power and strobe settings on white only.

All three of these headlamps require three (3) AAA batteries (each) and I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed with any of them. The TikkaPlus2 was my first and is the most versatile and my favorite. The Zipka2 is something I purchased along with a small zippered, egg-shaped storage case for placement in a survival kit.

The Zipka2 has that strobe feature so you can, because of the retractable cord assembly, easily attach this light to a stake in the ground, a tree limb or tent pole for light. Or, using the strobe feature, it can strobe for hours alerting rescuers to your whereabouts while you get some much-needed rest in a shelter.

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