Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Leave Venomous Snakes Alone...

This is an incredible, eye-opening page. This young man did not "play" with a Rattlesnake, he was not messing around with it at all. It was just an unfortunate incident and sometimes, despite our best efforts, we can become involved in an unfortunate, life-altering event. Justin was lucky. Check out his website and make sure you click on the links to his pictures. You can find them here.

Rattlesnakes are quite tasty and they are a very real survival food source. You are advised, however, to have the means to kill them instantly and from a safe distance. A six-feet long hiking staff will put the instant death strike to the Rattlesnake, to be sure. A Ruger MkII .22LR handgun or 10/22 .22LR will do nicely as will a classic Smith & Wesson Kit Gun.

Here is a rather amusing page, I like the way this person thinks although I prefer my Rattlesnake roasted over an open campfire.

Reject The Rattlesnake Lobby who believe Rattlesnake proliferation is something to be desired. If you have them on your property, by all means, kill them. Side benefit is, they taste good. Be careful and have fun.

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