Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Modern Rendition of The Classic OSS Escape Aid

Made by Mickey Yurco, Police Officer and Custom Knifemaker.

Mickey doesn't make the hollowed out coin, I just thought I would add that in for a bit of flavor. Interestingly, U-2 Spy Plane Pilot Francis Gary Powers is reported to have carried a hollowed out silver dollar with a neurotoxin-treated stick pin for committing suicide to avoid capture by enemy forces. Obviously he didn't utilize it.

Here is a shout out for Jenkins, Kentucky and Pound, Virginia, SAL-OOT!

Hollowed out coins were also used for smuggling microdot and other interesting espionage activities.

Getting back to what Mickey does make, the Kennedy (Silver) Half Dollar is an excellent modern day rendition of the classic OSS Coin Knife.

They are $100.00 each, a high-quality item and, as Mickey reminds me, you get a $1.00 instant rebate on the dollar coins and a fifty-cent rebate on the halves.

It really is a quality item.

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