Saturday, November 7, 2009

Reading about Conversion Vans and "Vanning" leads to "Stealth Camping."

What I want to have on this blog is every possible angle on survival that I can either write or find. Just as examples of what you can do if you have to.

I have been thinking about purchasing and modifying a van ever since I read about people living in RVs and vans across the country out of necessity. The New Hoovervilles are out there, sometimes neighborhoods soak up the homeless people that would become the tenants in a local Hooverville if they were not fortunate enough to have a pickup truck with a cap on the back or a small RV or van.

Some towns in California have banned people from "camping" in neighborhoods...great economy!

Yesterday, I was looking at a bunch of sites on "Vanning." That is, stuff on VANS! You know, the kind you drive around in. I had this little notebook filled with things I have observed over the years about vans that I liked, how people had the back of them set up, etc., then I found a site that had a lot of what was in my notebook in one, small article you can read in this link - Van Modifications.

That neat little discovery led me to another one you can read in the next link - "Conversion Van Camping Tips."

If you have been reading this blog, you know that it's not only about "survival" but it is also about utilizing aspects of "escape and evasion" if you have to in order to survive. Simply knowing that a ferrocerium rod throws hot sparks you can start a fire with is not enough anymore.

I kept reading and searching and I'm putting this together so you don't have to. I fell into a series of articles about "Stealth Camping."

Then I found the following articles on it, all interesting and definitely food for thought.

"Bicycle Touring & Stealth Camping."

The Secrets Of Stealth Camping

Extreme Stealth Camping Tips

Is all of this earth-shattering or groundbreaking news? No, not to many of us. But, it's interesting and it gets the mental gears turning and that's what this blog is about, anyway.

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