Friday, September 18, 2009

Coming Attractions...

The idea behind this blog is to, hopefully, get a good conversation going with like-minded individuals on various survival topics. I still have my website,, and I love to write much longer articles on specific pieces of gear and specific topics. This blog is a place where people who enjoy my website can communicate with me, perhaps see "teasers" to upcoming articles, and to read ideas, reviews and concepts that are perhaps not as involved as some of my articles.

That does not mean if you see something here on the blog that it is not "important" enough or "good" enough to be on my website. Nothing could be farther from the truth. You will be seeing things on the blog and then seeing more in-depth coverage of those things on the website later on. Or, you will see some things that were on my website for years reappear on this blog.

One such product is RAT Cutlery. I love my RAT knives and encourage anyone who needs a tough knife they have to rely on to purchase whatever flavor of RAT knife they like. Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin of RAT Cutlery are making an excellent product and the guarantee they offer is just as excellent as their product.

Terry Trahan over at the Weaselcraft Blog ( ), works for Boker USA and the folks at Boker are making some really great knives at low prices. Terry has a hand in that as well from time to time and it is beginning to show.

British Survival Gear is excellent gear! You will be seeing things like British (Surplus) Issue DPM Camouflage Bashas, which are tarps that are excellent for making lean-to shelters and other types of shelter. Millbank Bags for filtering the sediment out of dirty water before chemical treating or boiling to purify it. The Classic Penrith Combat Survival Kit (Tin), a long-time favorite of mine,,,and a whole lot more!

Two weeks ago, I purchased a standard issue USMC Kabar. I have owned "Kabars" before but they were always manufactured by Camillus (black stacked leather washer handle and black leather sheath). I decided to get the highest quality version I could which is the Kabar made by Kabar. None of the "newer" types, just the standard, Classic Kabar with a plain edge. A Kabar along with the sought-after USMC Force Recon / ANGLICO Survival Kit in the trunk of your car is an excellent survival policy if you are skilled. That is a great pair that we will be discussing in the next few days.

So, here's to all of us having a good time.

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